CCS 2019 Panel

Title: Scaling the Academic Security Community

Wednesday, November 13th, 17:35pm–18:35pm in Sandringham


Ninghui Li
Giovanni Vigna
Somesh Jha


Adam Doupé


The security community is growing considerably. Consider CCS: the
2000 edition of the conference had 25 program committee members, 132
paper submissions, and 28 accepted papers, while the 2019 edition
has 184 PC members, 934 paper submissions, and 149 accepted papers.

This significant growth is not unique to CCS, and this panel will
discuss and explore the challenges and opportunities facing the
community in terms of this growth. The panel will touch on all
issues, including the growing number of papers, the load of the
program committees, quality and quantity of reviews, different
publication models, among others. The goal of the panel is to spark
discussion with the community, so please attend and share your